5 Tips to Improve Website Traffic

5 Tips to Improve Website Traffic


Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

A mobile responsive website will adjust in size according to the screen size of the device being used; if your site is not responsive, most mobile users will leave immediately

Keyword Research is the First Step

Set the foundation for high volume traffic by performing thorough keyword research; use longer search phrases and questions your potential customers may use to find your type of product or service



Combine your best keyword terms with specific locations you want to rank for and then use them throughout your website for the best results


Start Blogging

Blog posts do rank in the search results, so start adding keyword-optimized content on your blog consistently to help potential customers find you


Encourage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp, and others are extremely important when it comes to search rankings; so if you’re lacking in this area, take measures to start getting more reviews

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