What Facebook Changes Could Mean for Marketers

What Facebook Changes Could Mean for Marketers

What Facebook Changes Could Mean for Marketers

As of last count, there were over 40 million small businesses utilizing an exclusive Facebook page. The main point of these pages is to market a business, so when the social media giant makes changes, there can be huge ripple effects. As it turns out, there are currently some changes on the horizon that local business owners should be tracking.

Are Right-Rail Ads Leaving?

Whenever users are on the desktop version of Facebook, they’re presented with ads along the right side of the page from paying businesses. This provides companies with an opportunity to reach out to targeted demographics in an effort to bring in new clients.

Recently, though, it came to light that Facebook was doing a full overhaul of its desktop site. Screenshots released show that these changes will make the buttons at the top of a business page more prominent, but the image also had one glaring absence: no right-rail ads.

Will Ad Absence Affect Marketing?

Some business owners may be wondering what this potential change means for their company. Fortunately, they may see little to no effect. After all, over half of Facebook’s users only access the site via mobile device – not desktop. Even better is the fact that over 90 percent of the site’s users access the mobile site monthly.

What It All Means

It’s important to note that no official change has yet to be announced. The site could have simply taken ads out temporarily to make more room for cover photos. If this does occur, though, business owners should remember that their ads will still receive huge reach considering the site’s mobile presence.

Additionally, Facebook ads could simply be repositioned on each page. They might not be as visually appealing to start with, but as with all Facebook changes, businesses and users eventually come to accept the updates. If these changes come to fruition, local business owners should avoid falling victim to clickbait stories attempting to instill fear.

Facebook is a remarkable tool for any business who wants to increase their online or offline revenue. While it may have started off as a place for friends, the site is now focused on revenue and shareholders. This means any changes they make will have businesses in mind, so don’t worry too much about the potential for this change.


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