5 Tips to Improve Your Local Pay Per Click Results

5 Tips to Improve Your Local Pay Per Click Results

Establish a Budget

PPC is a great marketing technique, but it can be a nightmare if you spend more money than you can afford – especially when you don’t get results; establish a small budget for starters and build from there


Target, Target, Target

Put geo-targeted keywords in your ad titles and content; take advantage of ad extensions, such as “call” and “location” extensions to capture specific local consumers looking for what you have to offer


Add Negative Keywords

“Negative Keywords” is a feature that prevents your ads from showing up in searches on keywords that may be relevant, but you do not necessarily want to target; this saves you money on wasted clicks


Use Landing Pages

Sending PPC traffic to the home page of your website may seem like a good idea; instead, send them to a landing page customized with a specific offer or call-to-action to move them further down your funnel


Test and Measure

Your PPC success depends on how quickly you analyze data and act on it; continuously test and measure how prospects are responding to each of your campaigns so you know what’s working and what’s not

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