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Rod Watson is a marketing and business development consultant and SCORE Mentor. Rod is the host of Hampton Roads Business Journal and Rod Watson TV podcasts. Rod Watson speaks and gives interviews on such topics as Internet Marketing strategies, Reputation Management/Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Video Marketing.

Rod Watson is a retired US Navy Surface Warfare Officer. Since retiring from the US Navy after over 20 years of services, Rod put his education to work. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, Rod earned his Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and established Road To Fitness, LLC Personal Training services along with two twenty-four hour access fitness centers. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (with a concentration in Marketing) and a Masters’ Degree in Information Systems, Rod is the President of Watson Marketing Solutions, LLC., parent company of Marketing Solutions TV, Rod Watson TV and Hampton Roads Scout.

Since 1997, Rod has been married to his wife, Becky. Becky is a retired US Navy Supply Corps Officer, served for over 25 years. Becky is also an entrepreneur. Becky is a Board Certified Music Therapist and the President of Music for Wellness, LLC. Rod and Becky have two children and live in Norfolk, VA. Rod is also an active member of his parish Knights of Columbus Council serving as Grand Knight for the 2015-16 Fraternal Year.


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 Rod Watson’s Internet Presence Strengthening Strategies

We help businesses generate more targeted, qualified leads.
So you can get more customers and make more money!

This accomplished by:

– Designing and building customized Desktop Websites,

– Designing and building Mobile Websites and Apps,

– Online Reputation Management and Online Reputation Marketing Services

– Building and Management of Google AdWord (PPC) Campaigns

– Simple Message Service (SMS) Text Message Marketing & Communications

– Video Marketing Services for Small Business Online Marketing

– Optimized YouTube Channels and Videos

– Customized Monthly Print and Email Newsletter Services

– Customized, Google + Local Business Pages, Facebook Fan Pages and other social media campaigns.


We are here to help your business grow! We help business owners improve your Internet presence, attract new customers and develop stronger relationships with existing customers. Making your website mobile friendly is a small investment to ensure your customers are not lost to competition.

We give you all the tools needed to keep your customers coming back.


At Watson Marketing Solutions, we are here to help your business grow. We excel by using the latest effective, ethical marketing practices and techniques. Think of us as an investment, not an expense.

Rod Watson


Contact Information:

Rod Watson

P.O. Box 9372, Norfolk, VA 23505

Phone: 757-525-3447

Email: Rod@WatsonMarketingSolutions.com