Go Back To The Future With Your 2016 Website Upgrade

Go Back To The Future With Your 2016 Website Upgrade

Go Back To The Future With Your 2016 Website UpgradeWebsite-Design

It seems that every year brings a new trend in website

development, and this year it appears that a lot of the old is new

again. Instead of the high impact, extremely busy and almost

cluttered looking websites of the past few years, this year’s

trend will be with flat design and retro design options.

It can be difficult to define the flat design by what it is, but it

is easy to define it by what it isn’t. A flat design for a website

will not include:

•    Elaborate images or extremely complex and involved

diagrams, images or multimedia displays

•    A lot of background “stuff” going on while a central image or text box takes center stage

•    Flashy or extreme graphics that are constantly changing and highlighting products, services or features of the website.

Flat Design Basics

Instead, the big look for 2016 is going to be flat design. This is almost a retro look at website design and goes back to the basics of what people want. They want simple, elegant and informative, which is what flat design is meant to highlight.

Generally, the flat design uses simple icons or images, limited animation or movement in the background, and a clean, crisp and basic look. It is not uncommon for a flat design to have a single central image and use primary colors to highlight different features.

A good sample of flat design is the new Windows 8 design. There are simple tiles of a basic color with a single icon in each tile. No elaborate images, no high-level animation or graphics, rather simplicity at is finest.

Use of Color, Line and Images

Surprisingly, even the most abstract and complex concepts can be conveyed using flat design in a way that is very encompassing and not at all confusing. Through basic images and colors used in infographics and other design elements, the central themes are highlighted, eliminating all the extraneous clutter.

Look around the next time you are online and notice how many of the websites you use are switching to be basic, simplistic style of flat design.

This works for any type of website, and it creates a very user-friendly and intuitive website when it is done correctly.

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