Mobile Coupons Will Double in Value in 2013

Mobile Coupons Will Double in Value in 2013

Mobile Coupons Will Double in Value in 2013

“The use of mobile devices to attain coupons continues to rise in the modern era of hand-held usage. Mobile devices now are a delivery channel for coupons, and companies are using the new stream in an effort to drive up consumer interest in entering stores or online sites, as well as improve customer engagement and retention, according to Juniper Research. The report by Juniper estimates that nearly 10 billion in mobile coupons will be redeemed in this year alone. That will mean a 50% increase in overall value from 2012. Mobile coupons are much higher in redemption rate than the traditional print and PC-delivered coupons, at a rate that is 10-times higher. SBWire (”


Retailers have been reluctant on the whole to upgrade their point-of-sale terminals for the authentication of redemption of coupons from mobile devices, which creates a “bottleneck” that is “suppressing the deployment of mobile coupons.” Another obstacle is that retailers’ failure to include expiration dates on certain coupons can cause viral phenomenon that makes it difficult to gain from the coupon attempt.

SBWire (

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