Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

One-half of All Internet Searches for LOCAL Products and Services are Performed from Mobile Devices …

But There is Just ONE PROBLEM…

Most Traditional Websites are NOT Compatible with Mobile Devices

Mobile-Website Before & After

A “Website” vs. a “Mobile-Friendly Website”

Recent studies show that current mobile web-user experiences are overall HORRIBLE when it comes to viewing and navigating websites

Most Web Designers Understand How to Build Websites Made for Computers…

But a MOBILE PHONE is Not a Computer…

  • Computers are in a steady, predictable environment
  • Mobile devices are in a highly variable environment
  • Computers have large screens that allow multi-tasking
  • Mobile devices have small screens and are not ideal for multi-tasking
  • Computers have keyboards and mouse for ease-of-use
  • Mobile devices are harder to navigate due to small keyboards and scrolling devices

Benefits of Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

  • Improved User Experience
  • Faster Website Loading Speed
  • Better User Engagement and Context
  • Location-Based for Geo-Targeting
  • Improved Search Engine Performance
  • Branding and Exposure to Mobile Users
  • Increased Visits to Your Website and More Leads
  • Accessibility to Mobile Consumers While They Are On the Go
  • Your Website Can be Viewed Wherever Mobile Cell Phone Coverage is Available
  • Helps You Attract Both “New” and “Repeat” Customers
  • Gain the Advantage Over Competitors
  • Easy to Integrate with Social Media Platforms to Boost Profits

Mobile Website Tips

  • Keep it SIMPLE
  • Create a Mobile Site that Caters to People Who are “On the Move”
  • Don’t Overload Your Mobile Website with Heavy Graphics or Flash
  • Use the “Click to Call” and Other “Click” Features
  • Keep Navigation and Scrolling to a Minimum
  • Design for Multiple Handsets