Video Marketing Tips for Success in 2016

Video Marketing Tips for Success in 2016

Video Marketing Tips for Success in 2016By 2018, it is predicted that nearly 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic will come directly from online video. Currently, this number sits at 57 percent, so it’s obvious how important video marketing is even today. Fortunately, local businesses can look at the video successes and failures of the past to make their 2016 video marketing strategy effective.

Utilize Interactive Videos

Virtual reality will play a huge role in video marketing in 2016, and this is seen by the fact that Google shipped out 5 million Cardboard virtual reality units already. For local businesses that have to worry about offline as much as online marketing, though, this can be a tad expensive.

Fortunately, interactive videos can be just as appealing to consumers. Create videos that provide two simple decision buttons at the end, and record a different video outcome for each. This gets consumers involved and interested.

Don’t Take Thumbnails Lightly

When uploading marketing videos to YouTube, users have the option of choosing a thumbnail. By failing to do so or uploading an unimpressive image, businesses are giving up a great marketing opportunity. These thumbnails are the first thing people will see when searching for a video, and if they don’t stand out, consumers will usually just move on. Don’t take this chance.

Learn to Utilize Different Video Platforms

YouTube has long been the dominant video sharing platform on the internet, and marketers had to create their strategies based on how the video giant worked. And since billions of video views pour into the site daily, there really was no room to complain.

Local business owners must now realize, though, that there’s dissension in the video ranks. Facebook now makes it easy for users to directly upload videos to the site. With this in mind, business owners must decide which videos work best for which platform and build their strategy around this knowledge.

Video killed the radio star long ago, and no other medium seems ready to dethrone online video just yet. Because of this, the above strategies can go a long way in making 2016 a success.


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